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1. Introduction of Home Brewery Equipment

Home brew equipment  is the brewing of beer through fermentation on a small scale as a hobby for personal consumption.
Free distribution at social gatherings, amateur brewing competitions or other non-commercial reasons.
Non-alcoholic beverages can be made at home. In general, brewing beer at home is very similar to brewing commercially.

Homebrewers can select from ingredients identical to those used in commercial brewing, in addition to a wide range of post-market customization.
The basic ingredients that are necessary include water, malt, hops, and yeast. With the exception of water (although mineralogy, pH,
and other characteristics do play a role and careful water selection is recommended, any water will do), there are countless varieties of these ingredients.

2. Equipments Components

1x 50L mash/lauter boiling whirlpool combined tank
1x one plate heat exchanger for wort cooling
1x centrifugal type wort pump
2x 50L fermentation tank with cooling jacket and insulation
1x glycol water tank with refrigerator for cooling fermentation tanks
1x controlling panel for all flow and temperature control, digital panel or plc optional
All tanks interior shell 2mm, cladding shell 1.5mm, SUS304; 

3. Power requested

Heating Elements: 6kw; 220v/50,60Hz-1p;
Wort pump:0.55kw; 220v/50,60Hz-1p;
Refrigerator:1.5KW; 220v/50,60Hz-1p;

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