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Every brewery is equipped with one or multiple cooling systems. These are used for controlling the heat generated during the fermentation process, cooling water in the cold liquor tank, keeping beer cold in "python lines", cooling distribution tanks, as a wort chiller or wort cooler etc.TBE can offer you both cooling systems for cold rooms and glycol cooling systems in various sizes to meet the requirements of your brewery. The glycol cooling system includes stainless steel insulated ice water tank, chiller with fryon as refrigerant and glycol water recycle pipings. The ice water tank is used to contain the liquid mixed with city water and glycol which freezing point will be as low as 5 to 7 degree below zero. One unit of vertical copper coil submerged in center of the tank to allow freezed fryon from chiller recycle inside, thus the glycol water is cooled. Air cooled and water cooled chillers are available to fit various ambient temperature. Fryon is usually R22 or R404A in brewery industry. Flowing along with the glycol pipings, cooled glycol liquid on one side will be supplied to cool the hot wort in after mashing to get fermentable temperature and the other side will flow into the glycol jacket in fermentation tanks or bright tanks to keep a request temperature. TBE company supply mainly brewing grade PVC glycol piping while stainless steel pipings are designed as special request. Brewery glycol cooling systems are various in size on base of the volume of batch wort, volume and quantity of fermentation tank and bright tanks etc. Some of the brewery cooling systems may have a cold liquor/water tank special for wort cooling, instead of directly ice water. Of course, this ice water tank with glycol jacket should be cooled by the glycol water tank.

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