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Beer is full of CO2, it should be keep its chemical stability and sanitary during filling process.
As the last step of beer production, these points should be paid attention as below:

1) It is better to fill beer under the condition of air isolation. oxygen absorption content should be not high than 0.02-0.04mg/L.
2) CO2 content depends on temperature an pressure. During filling, it should be keep suitable pressure and lower temperature to hold enough CO2 in beer. Compressed air and CO2 should be purified and dried to avoid beer pollution. It is better that CO2 Purity is above 99.5% to avoid cross pollution.  
3) Pay attention to the full sanitary of filling equipment and production environment. For all the parts which will connect beer, it must be thorough cleaning. Clean beer filling pipes by water everyday, and clean pipes by sterilization water every week to reach to high sanitary working process. Clean every pars which connect with beer. For example, filling head, beer valve, beer storage cylinder, etc. Make sure filling workshop is clean and tidy, clean floor and wall everyday, no oil contamination, no scalefilm, no mycete.
4) To hold more CO2 in the beer and avoid gush, cool the beer pipes and filling machine by cold water in 1-2 Degree C. The beer temperature during filling working process must be keep to2-5 Degree C.
5) Prepare pressure by purified CO2, exhaust air in the beer bottle neck to avoid air connection with beer.
6) Control short pasteurization time and low temperature. High temperature and long time will speed up beer oxidization. 
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