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Tiantai steam heated 10bbl 2 vessel brewhouse includes 10bbl mash lauter tun, 10bbl kettle whirlpool tun, 20bbl hot liquor tank, steam heated, heat exchanger, wort grant, centrifugal pumps, aeration device. It allows step mash, which is all about giving various enzymes time at their optimal temperature range to work on the mash before becoming denatured.This allows each compound to be more effectively broken down by a specific enzyme and converted into sugars and helpful amino acids, resulting in a more fermentable wort.
steam heated brewhouse
To accomplish a step mash, you need some method to increase the temperature of the mash for each step.
If you are using a kettle or other direct-heatable vessel as a mash tun, it’s easy to simply apply heat until you hit your next mash rest.
It’s very important to stir the mash while applying heat. This is for two reasons:
To prevent scorching
To maintain an even temperature throughout the mash.
Without stirring or some form of recirculation, the bottom of your mash will be much hotter than the top, and you may even burn or scorch the grains at the bottom.
Stirring also allows you to accurately measure the temperature of the mash. It’s typically a good idea to cut the flame a couple of degrees before your target, and let the residual heat bring you the rest of the way.
Brewers can accomplish a step mash by adding multiple infusions of boiling water to the mash at each rest.
The boiling water is combined with the existing mash, and brings up the mash temp to the next rest target.
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