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Fermentation process is yeast consumes simple sugars from the wort in Tiantai fermenter unitank. Chiefly maltose, and converts them into alcohol, carbon dioxide gas as well as aromatic and flavor compounds.
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Yeast cell fermentation is very rapid, occupying about 24 hours. Yeast cells typically can expand by a factor of 5-6x in a single cycle, so your yeast packet or starter will rapidly grow during this phase. The yeast also will absorb any oxygen and nutrients you have added at this point to fuel its growth, which is why there is aeration device in Tiantai brewhouse system.
Carbon dioxide activity also increases rapidly during the growth phase in fermentation tank, though it does trail off slightly as fermentation progresses. Typically CO2 activity peaks near the point of peak growth, though CO2 will continue to be produced as long as active fermentation continues.
The gravity of the wort does not drop much during the initial cell growth phase, though it will start to drop more rapidly once peak cell activity is reached. Its not unusual to see a kind of exponential decay beyond that point as the sugars are consumed rapidly past peak cell levels and then gravity decline slows as fewer fermentable sugars are available.
PH of the wort drops very rapidly even during the growth phase and continues to drop through the peak periods of fermentation. A slight rise in pH is normal as fermentation completes in unitank. This can be important if working with sour beers, particularly those made using kettle souring or with acidic fruits. If the pH during fermentation drops to the low 3.0-3.2 range it can actually start to inhibit fermentation. In this case you may actually need to add something like potassium bicarbonate to raise the pH up a bit to allow fermentation to complete.
There are important processes going on even as the yeast begins to fall out of suspension that aid in the maturation process. These include items like the remaining yeast cells mopping up the diacetyl in the finished beer. That is why you need Tiantai brite beer tank for maturation after your primary fermentation has completed for the yeast to flocculate (fall out) and mature.
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