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Tepache can be brewed with Tiantai brewery equipment, includes boil kettle or mash tun, hot liquor tank, open top fermenter, pressured fermentation tank, carbonation tank.
What is tepache?
Tepache is a fermented fruit soda popular in Mexico that has seen a resurgence in craft cocktail bars around the world. The result is a delectable drink that delivers serious gut health benefits, including naturally occurring probiotic cultures, plus prebiotics in the form of fiber from organic blue agave inulin. Tepache is a probiotic-rich fruit beverage typically made with pineapple.
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How is tepache different than kombucha?
Kombucha utilizes a different culture (healthy bacteria and yeast) and base ingredients (think sweet tea) plus incorporates a longer fermentation process, resulting in a taste profile that skews more tart than sweet.
Is tepache sparkling?
Yes, Big Easy Tepache is a delightfully fizzy, fruity drink, making it an excellent soda replacement.
Do you pasteurize your tepache?
No, real tepache is not pasteurized. Many consumers and industry professionals agree that heat treating kombucha invalidates the benefits.
How long is it fermented?
Anywhere between 1-7 days.
What do you ferment in?
We ferment in Tiantai glycol cooling jacket fermenter unitank.
What is a mother or a scoby?
The scoby or “mother” as it is sometimes called stands for symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast - think of it as the byproduct of healthy fermentation.
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